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Belizaire the Cajun (25th Anniversary Fully Remastered DVD) Belizaire the Cajun (25th Anniversary Fully Remastered DVD)

Belizaire the Cajun is an award-winning romantic adventure set in 1859 Louisiana. Written, produced, and directed by Glen Pitre, it played to critical acclaim in theaters around the world. Along with The Big Easy, released a few months later, Belizaire... | More

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Welcome to Côte Blanche Welcome to Côte Blanche

Whether at the movies, on TV, over the radio, through the internet, in print, or walking around a museum, it’s very likely that you’ve been entertained, informed, and hopefully inspired by the works of our little Louisiana-born, Louisiana-based company. Since... | More


Huit Piastres Et Demie! Huit Piastres Et Demie!

“Moviegoers were caught from the first scene… Scenes on the bayou are | More

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Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands

First in our series of environmental films, the award-winning hour-long Haunted | More

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Belizaire the Cajun Belizaire the Cajun

Set during an actual vigilante uprising in 1859 Louisiana, musician, medicine man, | More

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La. State Marine Fisheries Museum La. State Marine Fisheries Museum

Lafitte, La., 2003. Designed 6 rooms of exhibitry on natural and economic history. | More

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Glen Pitre Glen Pitre

Born at Cut Off, Louisiana, Glen Pitre worked his way through Harvard by fishing shrimp each summer. By age 25, American Film magazine dubbed him “father of the Cajun cinema” as... | More

Michelle Benoit Michelle Benoit

A Scots-Irish-Cajun from the southwestern Louisiana prairies, Michelle has received degrees from the American University in Paris, France and the University of New Orleans, Louisiana.... | More